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Our aim at Bishop Tufnell Primary School is to provide all pupils with opportunities that enable them to leave our school as confident, competent readers and writers. In order to achieve this, we provide children with extensive and exciting opportunities that foster and develop a lifelong love of learning.  It is important to note that we not only develop a real enjoyment of reading and writing in English lessons but in all subjects across the curriculum.

We aim:

·         To ensure that all pupils are receiving a well-balanced, ambitious English curriculum.

·         To ensure that each teacher is providing pupils with a consistent approach to English teaching.

·          To ensure that all pupils are given the opportunity to extend their knowledge and skills, and communicate through spoken and written forms. Through developing their knowledge, skills and understanding in English, children learn to appreciate that communication in all forms contributes to their wider understanding of the world in which they live.

·         To ensure that all pupils are exposed to different genres and authors through a curriculum that is broad and balanced, relevant and engaging.


Our English curriculum will ensure that all pupils become confident speakers, listeners, readers and writers, preparing them for life in the 21st century and beyond.



Writing at Bishop Tufnell Primary School 

We explore and develop a variety of writing skills through learning journeys. Each journey is inspired by a high quality text, which immerses the children and captures their imagination.

Each learning journey will include: 

o   The Process of: exploring genre/text, developing skills required, planning using Big Ideas Books, drafting, editing and proofread  and finally publishing

o   Modelling of writing by the teacher

o   Working walls that support each step of the writing journey

Writing is often supported by the use of dramatic techniques such as hot seating and freeze frames. These practical activities enable the children to take understand texts in greater depth.  To further this, we use our role-play areas and extensive outside spaces which are interactive and creative and can be found throughout the school.

Teachers ensure a range of genre and purposes are planned for and taught across each year, mapped out on termly overviews.

Teachers use a short-term weekly plan that includes the vocabulary to be taught, along with specific genre and grammatical features to be covered.


Phonics & Spellings at Bishop Tufnell Primary School 

We recognise the importance of teaching quality Phonics lessons.

In KS1 we follow the Jolly Phonics scheme. These fast-paced lessons are practical, interactive and highly motivating. Teaching focuses on the three key skills of segmenting, blending and decoding words. Children are then able to practise and transfer these skills into all areas of the curriculum. 

In Key Stage Two, children participate in a variety of interactive and creative spelling tasks. In these sessions, the children will focus on their weekly spellings, which are tested every Friday. 


Reading at Bishop Tufnell Primary School 

Reading is fundamental to all learning and is a key life skill and consequently it plays an important part in all areas of our curriculum.Our teachers and staff develop children’s reading skills through a combination of one-to-one, guided and independent reading.

·         Every classroom has a welcoming book corner which children are encouraged to use daily.

·         Each Key Stage has a widely stocked library, which the children visit regularly.

·         In Key Stage Two, we follow the Accelerated reader programme. After reading a book, children are encouraged to take a quiz on it on a class computer. This quiz will assess how well they have understood what they have read and suggest the next book they might like to read.

·         We encourage all children to read at home as much as possible.



Reading at Bishop Tufnell Primary School 

What we expect to see across the school:

·         Children who enjoy reading for pleasure

·         Children who are competent to engage with a range of texts across all subjects and for different purposes

·         Children who are confident to talk about their own personal reading

·         Children who share their enjoyment of books with others

Writing at Bishop Tufnell Primary School 

What we expect to see across the school:

·         Children who are competent writers

·         Children who can confidently select text types for a range of audiences.

·         Children who are confident with grammatical structures to write successfully for impact, explaining their choices.

·         Children who take a pride in their writing

·         Children choosing to write to communicate their own thinking.

·         Children using their reading experiences; author style and new vocabulary, in their writing



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