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School Council

The School Council's role is to promote and develop the school's vision and values.  Two children are elected from each class to sit on the School Council and to attend meetings with Mrs Underwood. Each year the School Councillors from Year 6 are given special roles, such as Chair, Vice-Chair, Admin Distributor, Liaison Rep, Publicity Officer and Secretary.

The School Council looks at ways in which they can make our school even better.  They recently set up School Council Playtime Buddies to help children who have no-one to pay with or who feel lonely.

The children from Years 1 and 2 are represented by elected friends from within their classes to become councillors and serve on the School Council.  They all take their role very seriously and as the term progresses they all have gained so much more confidence that they initiate topics for future discussions.

Their role is to report back to their own individual classes and bring back to the Council any issues which have been raised by their peers and to also help decide upon future actions and plans for their school.

Please click here for the Minutes from the last meeting of the School Council.

Please click here for the School's council agreement

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