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Year 6

The Year 6 team are: Mrs Tallis (Head of Year), Ms Bushnell / Mrs Champion-Luff (Job Share Class Teachers), Mrs Cremor / Mrs Underwood (Job Share Class Teachers).


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Autumn Term

The main topic for the Autumn term is Different Worlds, encouraging children to begin to think beyond their immediate world.  In Science, we study the Earth, Sun and Moon and visit the Winchester Science Museum and their Planetarium to consolidate our learning.  Our main topic in Geography is Jamaica, where we investigate lifestyle, climate, jobs and school life; as a contrasting locality to the UK.  We hold a lively Caribbean Day, when we all dress in brightly coloured clothing, and get the chance to taste some Caribbean food.  We also learn how to play the steel drums - always a highlight of the term!

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Spring Term

In the Spring term, Year 6 will move on to the topic, "Lights, Camera, Action".  This will taken them to the far reaches of Hollywood, looking at the film industry and how it has developed over the last century.  The children get the chance to experience hands-on film-making, using Stop-Motion technology, through our Mantle of the Expert task.

In English, we look at Wallace and Gromit, "The Wrong Trousers", to help the children to understand how to build suspense in their creative writing.  The children also look at how to write a balanced argument, e.g. whether children should or shouldn't wear school uniform.

In PE, the children move from gymnastics on to dance.  We focus on sport themed dance, using ideas from the Winter Olympics.  After half-term, the children get the chance to participate in Bollywood dance.  This follows on from a visit from a Bollywood dance teacher, linking well with our topic of film-making, comparing Bollywood to Hollywood.


Summer Term

Our focus in the Summer term, outside of the SATs, is History.  The topic is "Groovy Greeks", using the recent blockbuster "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief" to kick-start the project.  The children look at the Ancient Greek myths and learn how to write their own.  During this time, we also have a visit from the History Man, who gives a fantastic account of life as an Athenian and a Spartan.

During the early part of the term, the children sit their SATs.  However, afterwards they are rewarded for all their hard work when the children visit various places of interest. Last year's trips included Chessington World of Adventures and Out of Bounds.

Also during this term the children participate in a Dragon Den style event, called "Enterprise Week".  They pitch their ideas to a council of "Dragons" - if successful, they are given £10.00 and told to be creative and make a profit!  This gives the children the chance to be entrepreneurs starting their own business and the best two groups win a prize.

Year Group News

Year 6 SATs run over 4 days in May.

Please come back soon for further details about the end of year Activities which have been arranged for Year 6, including a trip to Chessington World of Adventures and Out of Bounds!






The Year 6 Learning Journey

The Learning Journeys for Year 6 are "Different Worlds", "Groovy Greeks" and "Lights, Camera, Action".  Each Learning Journey has different outcomes and has links across the whole curriculum.  Please click on the links below for lots more information:

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Groovy Greeks + Cloud Diagram

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