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Year 5

The Year 5 team are: Mrs Jo McCarthy (Head of Year), Mr Gary Brooks (Class Teacher), Mrs Renny / Mrs Richardson (Job Share Class Teachers)


Autumn Term

The first term of Year 5 is full of exciting activities, opportunities and responsibilities.  We study the topic, Ancient Egypt, where the children visit Tutankhamun's tomb, dress up as an Egyptian and write an exciting story to share with others.

We study a range of texts, one being "Don't Wake the Mummy" where children continue the story using powerful language and VCOP.  As well as this, children learn how to mummify a body and write a set of instructions to inform others.

As part of the topic, the children will use a range of sources to research the Ancient and modern day Egyptians, presenting their findings using Powerpoints, leaflets and drama.  The children work in WWO groups to plan and build a Shaduf, which is part of the irrigation systems used by the Ancient Egyptians.

The highlight of the Autumn term is Kingswood.  Year 5 are given the wonderful opportunity to spend a week with their best friends, having fun and more importantly learning some very valuable life skills - learning how to make a bed!  Children build lasting memories and new friendships whilst away, they get a chance to challenge themselves and work as a team.

Please click here for the topic letter giving more details about the Autumn term in Year 5.

Spring Term

This term, Year 5 will be focusing on the Tudors.  During this topic, children will have the chance to dress up as a Tudor, and visit the Mary Rose in Portsmouth.   We will be using ICT to create a webpage which is linked with English and History, children will have to research an aspect of the Tudors and interpret their research for an exciting child friendly webpage.  In DT, we will be showing the children how to make a traditional Tudor house, using WWO skills to plan and make their houses.

We will be focusing on the text, "There's a boy in the girl's bathroom" where we will be learning how to write formal and informal letters, describing characters and answering AF questions linked to the text.  In the second half of this term we will also look at Shakespeare's play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream", which will be brought to life by a visit from the Young Shakespeare Company.

Within PE we will be looking at traditional Tudor dance, using our country dancing skills learnt in the lower school to help with ideas and movements.  It is a very exciting topic and we hope all the children will love learning about the Tudors.


Summer Term

During the Summer term, Year 5 will be studying Rivers in our "Go with the Flow" topic.  Our main focus will be the River Arun, with two exciting trips to Arundel and Pulborough Brooks.  We will be studying the geographical structure of our local area and the history of the River Arun.  Our text for the first half-term will be the "Wind in the Willows", where we focus on descriptive writing.  Within the second half term we use our Mantle of the Expert, where children perform their own mountainside rescue to enhance their own writing.

During our Art topic, we focus on paintings inspired by water and Monet, the children will use a range of artistic techniques, including links; water colours; oil pastels and Brusho dye.

This is a very exciting term as Year 5 visit the Inspire Leisure Centre for a course of swimming - don't forget your goggles!



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The Year 5 Learning Journey

The Learning Journeys for Year 5 are "Awesome Egyptians", "Terrible Tudors" and "Go With The Flow".  Each Learning Journey has different outcomes and has links across the whole curriculum.  Please click on the links below for lots more information!

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