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Year 4

The Year 4 team are: Mrs Sally Brooks (Head of Year), Mrs Hutchins (Class Teacher), Mrs Caroline Stancomb (Class Teacher).

Autumn Term

Our main topic for the term is "Homefront History - World War II" and this is highlighted across the curriculum.  In order to start our World War II topic with real purpose, the children engage in the "Evacuee Experience" at the Watercress Railway Line, travelling between Alton and Alresford.  The topic is linked into Science where we learn about the Morse Code and Computing as the children become co-authors as they produce wiki-pages on World War II. As you would imagine, History focuses very heavily on the War with the children studying aspects such as evacuation, rationing and the Blitz. The History Man visits us with his amazing collection of artefacts, presenting the timeline of World War II in an interesting and interactive presentation.

This term, the children participate in a ten-week swimming course at the Freedom Leisure Centre. 

Click here for the topic letter with more details about the Autumn term.

Spring Term

The main topic for the Spring term is Savage Saxons and Vicious Vikings. This is a new topic and it will feature heavily in our English, History and Religious Education lessons. We will learn how to bake, Saxon style and will be designing and making jewellery from the Saxon/Viking period. We will be visiting the Alice Holt Forest where we will spend a day experiencing the life of a Saxon.

In Science, the children will learn about the digestive system in humans, as well as food chains. PE will offer them a chance to participate in a variety of track and field activities.



Summer Term

The Summer term topic is "Climb Every Mountain" with the main focus being geographical, studying mountains, hills and the continent of South America. We will be visiting the For our fieldwork trip, we visit Petersfield, Harting Down and Beacon Hill and actually walk along a section of the South Downs Way.

Our Religious Education topic is Judaism where the children learn about a variety of festivals. This also links in with our written English work. The children use sewing techniques in order to produce a prayer book in the style of a Jewish Siddur book and will have the opportunity to bake, following a Jewish festival recipe.

The term is a busy one, packed with varied and stimulating activities.




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