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Year 4

The Year 4 team are: Mrs Sally Brooks (Year Group Representative), Mrs Clark (Class Teacher), Mrs Caroline Stancomb (Class Teacher).

Autumn Term

Our learning journey this term is called ‘Mechanical Marvels’, a new creative topic linked to all things robotic and mechanical in the world around us. Initially we are inspired by the book ‘Robot Rumpus’ by Sean Taylor and Ross Collins where robots take over jobs in the house (but actually cause mayhem!). Our young inventors set about designing and making prototypes of their own dream robots after looking at ideas from animations of Wallace and Gromit ‘cracking contraptions’ clips. From this our English explanation writing focus emerges and the children write an explanation of their robot to pitch with their model in a ‘Dragon’s den style’ invention convention for invited families.

Later on in the term we focus on the awesome book ‘The Iron man’ by Ted Hughes. The children will be writing in role as Hogarth (a young boy in the book), acting out scenes, writing newspaper reports about the The Iron Man’s battle, and using the text to develop their descriptive writing.

In science we learn about electricity in the home and around us. Our  practical electrical circuits work explore what a circuit needs to work and then develops into the class designing their own circuit board to make the Iron man’s eyes light. In maths we will be building on the year 3 foundations, deepening our understanding of place value, addition, subtraction and multiplication length and perimeter. We do multiplication and mental practice daily. Our learning journey comes alive through our P.E where children will be creating mechanical dances. We will also go swimming on Fridays this term to develop water confidence and stroke techniques, a vital skill as we live so close to the sea.

Spring Term

Our learning journey for this term is ‘Savage Saxons, Vicious Vikings’, an exciting  history based topic exploring how people lived, travelled, ate, dressed and fought in these periods of time. Through the gruesome and thrilling book Beowulf we immerse the children in deeply descriptive writing using our working wall, drama and pictures to bring our imaginations to life. We write an advert for a monster slayer in role as the King and respond in role as Beowulf persuading the King why he should give us the job. We learn why longboats were so important to Vikings and how they made them as well as paint them. We discover the Vikings had a different alphabet to us and design and make our own rune pendants. In the second half of the term, we read ‘How to train a dragon’ (set in Viking times and focus on dragonology as our writing and art hook. Our science is taught discreetly this term and we learn about our teeth, how to care for them, what jobs they do and then later on their role in digestion as we learn about the digestive system. A visit from the dentist inspires the children to eat and drink healthily to avoid plaque and cavities. Later on in the term a visit form the History Man brings to life the children’s understanding of the time line of Saxons and Vikings and they enjoy learn ing about the armour and weapons and ask questions about what some incredible artefacts tell us about this period of time. Our big Maths focus in multiplication and written methods we can use to solve calculations and word problems. We also focus on telling the time and changing analogue time to digital, solving 2 step time word problems and money. This term we keep fit with netball related games and hockey related games.


Summer Term

This term we discover lots of the great outdoors through our residential overnight visit to Glorious Goodwood. Here we learn where our food comes from, stay on the stunning Goodwood estate, learn about a working farm and see a lot of the gorgeous animals there such as piglets , lambs and calves. In the ancient woodland of Seeley copse we learn about living ecosystems and food chains which links brilliantly back in class to our food chain and branching keys science focus. Our topic ‘ Wild Weird and Wonderful is Geography based as we travel through the south American rainforests and mountain ranges. Our key texts ‘ The Great Kapok Tree’ and ‘The Vanishing rainforest’, bring alive rich writing opportunities and help the children think about caring for their world. We uses atlases and globes to learn about countries and continents and explore weather patterns in graphical work in maths. We also do fractions,  deciamls and data  as well as many other units linked to the year 4 National Curriculum. Children love this topic as it is very animal based and  we learn how different creatures are adapted to their environment. In PE we enjoy the sunshine with athletics and outdoor games such as cricket, tennis and rounders.



Each class takes turns each term to participate in African drumming music lessons using our authentic African drums in the yurt with our drum teacher. The children love this happy hour of the week when they learn new djembe patterns and songs (and dances) together. This ends in a wonderful concert to parents where they show case their drumming from  that term.

Autumn term – Amber   Spring term – peridot    Summer term - Sapphire

Each class also has a term of Forest schools where they enjoy  spending 1 afternoon a week in our school woodland learning about our great outdoors. For this they bring their own clothes coat and wellies from home. A letter will also come home with all the information you need.

Autumn term – Sapphire  Spring term – Amber  Summer term - Peridot


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