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The Year 3 Team

The Year 3 team are: Mrs Amanda Cummings (Year Group Representative), Mrs Julie Fairbairn (Class Teacher), Mrs Jodie Robinson and Mrs Emily Griffiths (Class Teachers).

If you should have any problems concerning your child, please speak to your child's Class Teacher in the first instance.

Autumn Term

Our learning journey for this term is ‘Rock and Roll’, a journey in time through the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age periods. Children will explore this prehistorical era, tracking the development of early man from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. Children will investigate different types of shelters and settlements, research hunter / gatherers, the tools they used and learn about farming in prehistory. This topic lends itself perfectly to our Science focus on Rocks and Fossils.  In maths lessons, we will be building on the KS1 foundations and extending our understanding and mastery of place value, mental and written methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication of 3 digit numbers. In English, our topic will be enriched through the use of high quality texts such as; Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura, ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth’ by Michelle Robinson and the classic novel ‘Stig of the dump’ by Clive King, all of which provide an excellent stimulus for writing. The children will be introduced to the Accelerated Reader system in our Key Stage 2 library and will quickly become quiz masters! Our learning journey topic comes alive through P.E this term, with our indoor P.E Stone Age inspired dance sessions, whilst outdoor P.E will focus on football and hockey

Spring Term

Our learning journey throughout the spring term is ‘Romans on the Rampage!’ an exciting exploration of ancient Rome and its highly skilled civilisation! We will investigate how the Romans shaped Britain, from invasions to inventions, there is so much to discover! In maths we will be embedding our mental recall of multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4, and 8 X tables as well as learning written methods for multiplication and division and developing our understanding of money and fractions. We have several exciting texts to support our learning journey; Romans on the Rampage by Jeremy Strong, Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit and we will be studying some ancient Roman myths. These texts will support us in writing; fact files, character descriptions, poetry and our very own Roman inspired myths. This learning journey culminates in our Roman week, during which the children will attend a Roman banquet, compete in a ‘real’ Roman battle, design and make a mosaic tile, make their very own Roman coins and visit the spectacular Fishbourne Roman Palace.

Summer Term

Our summer term learning journey is ‘Rollercoaster’, a topic of two halves that complement each other and the season well. Throughout the first half of the summer term our focus is on forces and magnets and the children will learn all about how these forces are used in everyday life. We will learn how a roller coaster works and the children will design and build their very own (miniature) rides! In English lessons, we will be designing our own seaside based theme parks and use these to create persuasive leaflets and spectacular setting descriptions. In maths we will be continuing to build on and deepen our understanding of fractions as well as looking at the topics of time and measures. In the second half of the term, our focus is on the global epidemic of Plastic pollution and the impact this has on our coastline and other oceans around the globe. Children will be given opportunities to write persuasive letters to Parliament, Supermarkets and restaurant chains, as well as writing and performing speeches to inform and inspire other people to make better packaging choices. As a year group, we will visit the local beach to carry out a plastic pollution audit and clean up. In P.E we will be working hard on our athletics skills in preparation for Sports day and in Music lessons the children will be taught how to play the recorder.


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